I've always been intrigued by visual and interactive design. I studied a variety of subjects at Northeastern University and the New England Institute of Art, from computer science to interactive design and media production. In my early 20s, I was fortunate to hold fantastic internships and positions in a variety of companies - recording studios, production houses, a guerrilla marketing company, and the first internet-streaming TV channel.

After college, I worked at a digital signage startup and then was quickly responsible for all creative at three historical theatres in Boston. In addition to my full-time role, I was doing a variety of freelance work in the areas of video and photography. It thrills me to say that if you were in the Boston between 2007-2012, you saw my work.  Whether on a billboard, digital signage in and around Boston & Providence or in a local publication.

I continued following my passions and found myself in roles focused in building IT and software solutions for enterprises. While on the cover it may seem that this is about as distant as you can come from say, wedding photography - both require a significant amount of creativity and storytelling. A great photograph needs no title and great software requires no instruction.

Below is a variety bylines, publications and other places that my photography and/or design work has been published.

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